​​Volunteer, questions, ideas to: jagoldman.hi@gmail.com

​THURSDAY EVENING: January 18: Open to the Jewish Community (RSVP Required)
For lifelong Jews, potential Jews by choice, for non-Jewish spouses of members.  Hosted by the OJO and open to the community.
“Honoring Tradition, Embracing Modernity”; Reading: Session 2/Unit 2: It’s About Time…"   You can order the text from CCAR Press; cost is $32 for printed text and $28 for PDF version.

Location & Time:  Hokua Ocean Terrace, 1288 Ala Moana Blvd. (validated parking)
6:00pm –
Dairy/veggie side dish and dessert potluck. Main dish provided. Coffee, tea and water provided.
7:00 to 9:00pm –
Session with Rabbi Madden

FRIDAY LUNCH: January 19 - Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Madden  (RSVP Required – space is limited)
Topic:  Conversation with Rabbi Madden. Current events from a Jewish perspective
Location & Time:  The Pacific Club, 1451 Queen Emma Street Honolulu, HI 96813 at 12:00 noon

FRIDAY EVENING: January 19 – Shabbat Service
Details: Theme: Family, Community, Legacy
Shabbat Service using Mishkan Tefilah followed by dessert provided by OJO.  If you have a copy of Mishkan T’filah, please bring it with you.

We will also celebrate with Steve, Charlene and Olivia Flanter when Benjamin receives his Hebrew name.  
Location & Time: Moiliili Hongwanji, 902 University Ave. at 7:00 pm – followed by OJO provided dessert

SATURDAY MORNING: January 20: - Torah Study and Service
Details:  Torah study followed by brief Shaharit service led by Rabbi Janet; followed by a dairy/veggie OJO-sponsored lunch.
Location & Time:  200 Vineyard Blvd, 5th floor conference room; 
9:00am to 12:00 noon - Come at 8:30 to set up and stay after to put away.

 SATURDAY EVENING: January 20: Games; Havdalah Service; Reading with the Rabbi
(RSVP required)

Location & Time:  
Hokua Ocean Terrace, 1288 Ala Moana Blvd (validated parking)
5:00–6:00pm - Games for Children of all ages: Spot It! Shalom, Jewish Go Fish,Apples to Apples (Jewish Edition), How Jew You Think
6:00-7:00pm Family Potluck Main dish provided. Families and friends invited!
7:00 pm Havdalah Service followed by Reading with the Rabbi discussion of “The Guide for the Perplexed: A Novel” by Dara Horn.  Reading in advance highly recommended though not required. 

See Discussion Questions 

Rev. 1/5/2018

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Modernity includes five units, as listed below:
- Beginnings: What is Judaism? What are the ethics and values of the Jewish People? How can we understand humanity and human potential through our relationship to God?
- Creating a Jewish Life in Time: An exploration of the Jewish calendar of celebration and sanctity, as well as how life in the community connects and intertwines with life at home. 
- The Cycle of Jewish Life: Relationship and marriage traditions, raising a family, growing into later adulthood, and the central role of learning for all generations.
- Creating a Jewish Theology: Different understandings of God, and the diverse roles that synagogue, prayer, and sacred texts play in our lives. 
- The Jewish Story and Creating a Jewish Journey: The historical journey of the Jewish People, and the many identities that have emerged from it.

A Guide for the Perplexed: A Novel  Software prodigy Josie Ashkenazi has invented an application that records everything its users do. When an Egyptian library invites her to visit as a consultant, her jealous sister Judith persuades her to go. But in Egypt’s postrevolutionary chaos, Josie is abducted―leaving Judith free to take over Josie’s life at home, including her husband and daughter, while Josie’s talent for preserving memories becomes a surprising test of her empathy and her only means of escape.

A century earlier, another traveler arrives in Egypt: Solomon Schechter, a Cambridge professor hunting for a medieval archive hidden in a Cairo synagogue. Both he and Josie are haunted by the work of the medieval philosopher Moses Maimonides, a doctor and rationalist who sought to reconcile faith and science, destiny and free will. But what Schechter finds, as he tracks down the remnants of a thousand-year-old community’s once-vibrant life, will reveal the power and perils of what Josie’s ingenious work brings into being: a world where nothing is ever forgotten.

An engrossing adventure that intertwines stories from Genesis, medieval philosophy, and the digital frontier, A Guide for the Perplexed is a novel of profound inner meaning and astonishing imagination.

See Discussion Questions 

P.O. Box 61007
Hon., HI 96839


'Oahu Jewish O'hana

​Rabbi Madden lives in Santa Monica, CA, and was ordained by the Academy for Jewish Religion in California as a rabbi and a chaplain. 

Among many other affiliations, she is Certified Participating Rabbi, Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din, the world's only interdenominational rabbinic court. Before  going into rabbinic studies, Rabbi Madden was a university professor of literature and earned a PhD in Irish literature. 

Rabbi-in-Residence Weekends
With Rabbi Janet Madden 

January 18-20, 2018


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   ​- Nov. 16 -18, 2017
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   - March 8 - 10, 2018
   - May 18 - 20, 2018 (Shavout and

     celebration of anniversary of

     dedication of OJO Torah)

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