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Your support and active participation in the ‘Oahu Jewish O’hana (OJO) allows us to embark on our 6th year as a congregation. We have a full schedule of activities being planned and many opportunities for your participation.  OJO has accomplished a lot in this year of transition. Visiting Rabbis’, member-led Shabbat celebrations, a successful Community Seder, and many more events.  We continue to build our “Ohana” and support what is important to us as part of the Jewish community here and everywhere.

During this upcoming year, the OJO board of directors and committees will be working on all aspects of continued programs, including services, holiday celebrations, education, community connections, and how to engage a Rabbi. 

Please consider the following options as a way to support the OJO.  Our contribution levels are based on the Hebrew word chai (חי), meaning "life":

  • Become a Supporter of the OJO with a donation of $180.00
  • Become a Pillar of the OJO with a donation of $360.00
  • Become a Benefactor of the OJO with a donation of $540.00
  • Become a Patron of the OJO with a donation of $720.00
  • Become a Sustainer of the OJO with a donation of $900.00

Each dues paying household will have one vote in all OJO ballot initiatives, and all household members are welcome to join us at High Holy Days services.  Households with only one member can bring a friend or family member to services as their guest.

If for some reason you cannot renew your OJO membership and wish to attend High Holy Days services, please feel free to join us.  Any donation you make to OJO will be credited toward your dues should you later decide to become a member.  A Membership Application Form can be found here. 

Please send your donations prior to the start of the High Holy Days so that we can continue to flourish in the coming year.  Our mailing address is:  O'ahu Jewish 'Ohana, P.O. Box 61007, Hon., HI  96839.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that a priority for the upcoming year is to continue exploring the best options and opportunities to engage a permanent rabbinic presence.  A committee co-chaired by Hank Trapido-Rosenthal and Craig Washofsky will lead this undertaking.  Information on this committee and a future pledge drive to support these efforts, will be shared at a later date.

We look forward to another year of growth with all of you.  Please feel free to email questions or comments to us at oahujewishohana@gmail.com.

Oahu Jewish Ohana Jewish Holiday Celebrations

P.O. Box 61007
Hon., HI 96839


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